Virtual Breakthrough Training

Training Description

Graduates of Virtual Discovery (Level v1) Training are eligible to participate in Virtual Breakthrough (Level v2) Training. While Virtual Discovery is designed to identify our limiting beliefs and the barriers we put up, Virtual Breakthrough Training is designed to bring them all down. Stubborn behavior patterns that hold us back are deeply ingrained in our Being from years of practice and powerfully supported by our interpretations of past experiences. It requires an equally powerful and interruptive environment in order for breakthrough to occur. Virtual Breakthrough is a context of interruption, intensity, breakthrough, release, forgiveness, power, vision, responsibility, and transformation! 

The type of activities that take place

Virtual Breakthrough is exactly what its name implies!  Although it’s a mixture of a lecture, a series of dynamic experiential exercises including one-on-one sharing, small group interactions, games, guided visualizations and so much more,  participants describe the training as extremely engaging, life-defining, life-altering and one of “The Best Experiences of my Life!”. The activities require some physical movement and active participation. 

What else can I expect?

  • Stand and be related to as the sole and uncontested author of your life
  • Transform your relationship with fear
  • Discover the key to your personal power
  • Profoundly experience full self-expression
  • Expand your capacity for intimacy and practice the art of relating
  • Communicate with impact and inspire others


Friday of the Training
Day #1
Registration begins at 6:00 PM, Training begins at 7:00 PM and completes at approximately 11:00 PM or after.
Friday of the Training
Saturday of the Training
Day #2
Training begins at 11:00 AM, it is completed at approximately 11:00 PM or after.
Saturday of the Training
Sunday of the Training
Day #3
Training begins at 10 AM and completes at approximately 8:00 PM, followed by virtual graduation.
Sunday of the Training