Kris Delgado - Trainer

"If you are coached by Kris Delgado, know that you will get results!" ~Francine Rahe
Kris Delgado


Kris Delgado discovered her talent and passion for coaching individuals as well as and training large groups of people after completing her transformational trainings in 2009.  Using the tools learned in the trainings, she was able to create a successful and prolific coaching business. Her strong desire to give back and pay it forward led her to the becoming a trainer. 
She expanded and honed her coaching skills since then by completing several more coaching/training certifications including a Certification of Completion from Trainer Designs Global, Certified NLP Practitioner Training, and becoming a certified Happiness Coach.
“If you are coached by Kris Delgado, know that you will get results,” says Francine Rahe
She is currently a successful Transformational Trainer for several National Training Companies as well as, the owner and founder of a quickly evolving coaching movement known as “Rise Up To Love”.
Since 2009, Kris has created a unique style of one-on-one and group coaching that serves a select group of multi-industrial clients. She uses proven NLP techniques, and the distinctions of transformation to create a formidable formula of success for her clients.  This formula ensures that her clients are empowered AND following their dreams. She stands for a world of love and kindness, all while having fun. She firmly believes that having a clear vision and taking committed action will result in the extraordinary life that you’ve always wanted.