Kathy Benson - Master Trainer

Kathy from your10life
“After twenty five years I have not found a more powerful vehicle to transform lives. At the beginning of each training, when I look over the group assembled, I never know what individual miracles are going to happen. I feel GRATEFUL that I get to be a witness to what will happen for the group during the training.”
Kathy Benson
Master Trainer


Kathy Benson has been one of the recognized super stars of the Transformational Training Movement for more than twenty five years. She co-created and facilitated ground breaking training for leading edge business clients in Silicon Valley.  Her masterful presence, no nonsense style and completely awesome flaming red hair have riveted, transfixed, and transformed over 40,000 students in countries around the world. She has facilitated transformational trainings in the United States, Colombia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico and Spain.

Kathy received her undergraduate degree in Psychology Magna Cum Laude, and was planning a career in Psychology.  After participating in a transformational training experience in California, she discovered her life’s mission to become a transformational trainer. She completed her post graduate work at the world renowned Coaches Training Institute. Her consistent compassionate commitment has been to enable as many people as possible to live purpose-filled lives full of joy and possibility “with no regrets.”

She is helping build “Team Earth” – fulfilled people taking personal responsibility for themselves and stewardship of our planet. 

Kathy lives in Las Vegas, NV and is engaged in numerous entrepreneurial ventures with a network of extraordinary partners and select private coaching clients.