Gerard Hauranieh - Master Trainer

“I stand for a world that is abundant, authentic, loving, peaceful, and forgiving.”
Gerard Hauranieh
Master Trainer


With a Degree in law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and master’s degrees in various areas of international disciplines, Gerard joined the world of Coaching and Transformational Trainings in 2008.  Since then has coached and trained over 45,000 people in America, Asia and Africa. Focusing on areas such as personal, professional, and business, Gerard supports his students to create extraordinary and sustainable results in their lives.

Gerard was trained and mentored by great International Master Coaches and Trainers such as Bettie Spruill, Joyce Christie, Dr. Ray Blanchard and many others. He is considered an expert and is qualified to deliver all 3 known levels of the trainings main curriculum including the Masters Course.  He has more than 400 trainings delivered world-wide.

He is a certified life & ontological Coach by the Latin American College of Professional Coaching, and certified internationally as a transformational trainer by different international Boards, such as “Trainer Designs Global”, among others, and is currently studying a master’s in “Jungian psychology and human development” in the prestigious C.G. Jung Institute with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

He is one of the only 4 Certified Latin-American trainers with the Degree of “Master Trainer”

He is a graduated member from the “Train the Trainer Intensive” program and “Trainer Forum”  and he is also founder of 2 Training, Coaching & Consulting companies in Mexico: “Masterstroke” and ”TNT Program” , since October 2010, and co-founder of “VIVE” in Costa Rica since 2018.