Francine Rahe - Director of Training Curriculum & Master Trainer

Francine, Trainer at your10life
“I truly believe that I am creating a world filled with people who have a passion for purpose, a belief in unity with all, and the certainty that they can be and do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality. A world like that is peaceful, joyous, loving and free. That’s the world I want my children to grow up in. I wake up every day feeling alive, energized, full of anticipation for what’s next and who do I get to be in service to today? It’s an amazing way to live life. I love to invite others to live this way, too!”
Francine Rahe
Master Trainer


Francine Rahe is a powerful, magnetic, compassionate, and highly connected Transformational Trainer. She officially began her studies well over 20 years ago, but her life before that was preparing her for an extraordinary future! 

Born in Ohio, and raised in South Florida, Francine is the oldest of three daughters. Throughout her academic years, she would consistently test at a genius IQ level, yet be unable to qualify for the gifted programs. Not quite a geek and definitely not a cool kid, Francine struggled to “fit in.” That, plus some very challenging life events, had Francine evolve into a person who is both compassionate and a cause fighter. She decided to choose a career in law. However, an extreme fear of public speaking had her get her undergraduate degree in Accounting instead. When she enrolled in the older version of the trainings almost 21 years ago, her career took off. She became the youngest Financial Controller hired at an international company, and she managed up to $65 million in sales per month. She became the Business Manager at LifeSpring, and was coached and mentored weekly by some of the most cutting-edge transformational trainers of their time. Soon, Francine was a sought after speaker in both the transformational and business world.

Francine focused on family and being a mother for several years and continued her studies. She received her Master’s Degree in History Summa Cum Laude. Focusing on ancient history, she discovered a passion for mythological and religious studies. There were two major “A- HA” moments in Francine’s life. The first was the birth of her 1st child, and the second was writing her thesis on comparative spiritual mythologies. Both created a thirst to research and delve into the philosophical underpinnings of the trainings. She voraciously studied the Theory of Knowledge, the mysticism of the ancients, and NLP. She started her career as a transformational trainer at Summit Education in Fort Lauderdale and graduated from the esteemed Trainer Forum led by Dr. Ray Blanchard and Bettie Spruill. She was 1 of 22 coaches and principals invited to participate in the FIRESIDE FORUM, a DVD designed to further explore the principles revealed in the movie, THE ANSWER TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. She studied the Master breath worker Dan Brule and became a certified rebirth breathing facilitator.

Francine co-founded The Coaching Connection Company and Diamond Coaching and Consulting Global. She studied and became a certified coach at Resource Associates Corporation in Pennsylvania. She privately coached CEOs and other business leaders. She is the author of “Creating Family Teams” and “Coaching to Win,” both used as resource material to facilitate Sales Development Processes, Executive Leadership Programs, and Create a Year to Remember.

Francine learned throughout the years to stop fighting against things. She began to STAND FOR what she was committed to creating. She fights for people to awaken to the magnificent beings that they already are. She stands for people to have what they say that they want, without exception. She does not give up on people. She’s honed her skill and intuition and can see deeply into people. Francine believes in the greatness of all people and has a gift to have them reveal all of their unique gifts.