Our Mission is Success

Our Mission is to be one of the best transformational leadership companies on the Planet, focusing on your results based unique vision for personal success!  Through powerful trainings, personal coaching and a dedicated Team, we know you’ll succeed!

The Best Trainers

Our trainers present the dynamics of the trainings in a way that is clear, powerful, and alive.  The interactive structure of the training rooms include a series of life-altering presentations, breakthrough processes, creative interactions, and personalized coaching.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our programs that we allow you to take the first 2 Levels of the training absolutely RISK FREE!  If you complete the entirety of both trainings and feel you’ve created no value for yourself, request a refund within 48 hours of completing Level 2 for a complete refund!

*Not valid on virtual trainings.

This is a must for everyone. The training is mind blowing. The thing is no one can tell you what you will do, you literally have to experience it to understand!

Everett James

I had NO idea what I was walking into, but after completing the Level 1 training, I knew I would never be the same. So much opened up for me - information and revelations about myself, that I would have gone to my grave never knowing. I now know how to access within myself all I ever strived for. And the trainers and coaches are truly dedicated to this work. They are very passionate about empowering people to live their best life. I decided to complete all 3 levels and I am forever in gratitude of this life altering experience. I recommend this training to every human being everywhere! You will not regret it!

Lenka Perron

This was quite an experience. For four days I worked on myself and unveiling things I was not completely ever aware of that made a real difference in how I’m thinking as I go forward. What an absolute gift to actually be able to be in the presence of a great group of participants, trainers, coaches, staff. Everyone was supportive yet professional. Things I learned were extremely helpful in changing my mindset and my every day way of automatically doing things and thinking about things. To say awareness is almost not enough. We need a better adjective. This should be accessible to everyone. It’s for all ages, all levels of education, anyone who might be looking for a little more out of their life and a little more life to live in general! Highly recommend the Detroit staff and moving on to level 2!

Dana Miles

The trainings supported me in achieving my dreams! I never thought I would see my product in major stores and even on TV! I recommend these trainings to ANYONE wanting to achieve their goals!

Joanie Tringale

The trainings enable us to connect and understand things within our lives and community as a whole. The trainings help individuals to see the larger picture of the human condition. This helps one keep focus on what really matters in life. Helps empower yourself, or more like help you realize the power that you have. From just level one, you can maneuver in your world easier and have comfort in the human experience, both good and bad, throughout life. It’s an experience I will never forget about and I hope to help others come to the trainings and gain their own personal knowledge of their potential.

Tracey Taeger

Life Altering... I am a living example of this POWERFUL training! It helped me save my life! Forever grateful for the tools they gave me to shift my thinking and forever change my life! We know what we know, we know what we don't know, BUT we don't know what we don't know! Open your mind and the possibilities are endless... read that last sentence again and again!

Kathy Salvia

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Our Vision is Your Success!

Our vision is that through these trainings and the tools they each provide, that everyone on the planet realizes their inherent value and follows their dreams!

Your 10 Life Trainings

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